The Euphorion Press


Every manuscript submission is considered on its individual merits such as authenticity, storyline appeal, authorial-style, and of course sales/marketplace considerations.


ALL submissions must be in WordFile format, 12-point type, along with the overall word-count, to, labelled as ‘Submission’ in the ‘Subject’ line — pdf manuscripts will not be opened as a safeguard for your security as well as ours.

We do not publish academic, research, or other genres that do not conform with the Mission Statements contained in the HOME and ABOUT US sites, nor are we interested in pure fantasy, dressed up as history, having little or no archival basis.

We do require however, that the lead individual/s must remain as an established historical figure, having an ample scholarly literature. On the other hand, such historicity may not necessarily apply to one or more of the supporting characters as used in some cases to sustain a credible storyline or to assist the narrative ‘push’ — issues central to a story-writer’s heart that are a lesser concern to researchers.

A careful scrutiny of all available sources offers such clues that may enable a plausible reconstruction of dialogue and intentions, such as Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’ Trilogy (while set during the Elizabethan age, the trilogy offers an exciting illustration of creative-novelistic research). Such meaty personal details however, become scarce as we grope further back into the remote Mediterranean past, BCE: surprisingly, the last few decades have seen an evolving scholarly interest in these faraway times which the resourceful writer may draw upon, knitting together a stirring, albeit somewhat inventive plot.


(Due to our present commitments as a small publisher, we are no longer able to accept any further Submissions — regretfully — until further notice).