About The Euphorion Press

Our namesake, Euphorion (Ancient Greek: “the abundant”), circa 275 – 187 BCE, was Greek by birth and famous for his histories and narrative pieces, particularly his innovative use of Place and settings, still equally important in modern historical novels.

While traditional academic books focus on empirical matters such as factual events and dates, textual analysis, or the history of ideas, there are precious few works — the Homeric ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Iliad’ are colorful exceptions — that provide character narratives underlying these happenings.

Our premise is a deceptively simple one: to fully appreciate the thinking of a particular philosopher, for example, it helps to know about the personality behind the idea, from which the origins of such thinking may have taken shape. Both the person and the idea come alive for us — whether warrior, states-person, orator, sculptor, philosopher, healer…..artisans of all stripes.

Our Story

Since 2021

It is almost a reflex, when we think of Ancient Greece…

It is almost a reflex, when we think of Ancient Greece: what immediately springs to mind is statues, life-size, in cold, white marble, looking down on us sternly in museums, or else filling the pages of dusty-dry textbooks.

The challenge lies in engaging a reading public using the literary device of a compelling historical novel — building a ‘bridge of familiarity’ to the long-ago past, which may otherwise be seen as arcane, or even irrelevant to us moderns. In doing so, readers become comfortable with further explorations of these ancient lives and times, which in turn deepens an appreciation of our common humanity across the millennia, as well as enriching our own lives.

John Matthews
Editor, The Euphorion Press