The Euphorion Press

Launched in late 2021, ‘The Euphorion’ is a small boutique indie publisher appealing to talented storytellers with a humanist bent, who may have an interest in historical novels of the ancient Mediterranean world.

About The Euphorion Press

While inclined towards classical Greek, Roman, Phoenician, or Etruscan cultures, these few examples are certainly not exclusive to the many shorelines and ethnicities fringing the ‘Middle Sea’ of the Old World.

With a particular civilization in mind, dialogue and narrative of the novel should follow moments in the ‘lived life’ of one or more historical figures, as plausibly reconstructed from scholarly resources. Our primary interest lies in the subjectivity of The Individual, warts and all, rather than objective History.

About Us

The Euphorion Press

While traditional academic books focus on empirical matters such as factual events and dates, textual analysis, or the history of ideas, there are precious few works — the Homeric ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Iliad’ are colorful exceptions — that provide character narratives underlying these happenings.